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Missing Teeth/Dentures 

You deserve a youthful smile. Just because you have one or more teeth missing doesn’t mean you have to hide your smile forever. Actually, advances in the design and technology of dentures can give today’s denture wearers a lot to smile about.


At Oregon Dental, we believe that dentures should fit securely and look life-like, with multiple options for complete or partial dentures. Our dentists begin with a complete dental exam with x-rays to determine the condition of upper and lower jaw bones, the placement of natural teeth and overall oral health. In consultation, your questions and options for replacement or restoration will be thoroughly discussed.


Before a partial denture is fitted, our dentists will make sure any trace of bacterial infection is treated. At times, the teeth that secure the partial denture will need adjustment, built up or need an all-ceramic crown to help secure the partial. Special attention is given to assure the denture looks as natural as possible for each patient.


Complete or full denture therapy has come of age with impression techniques that are anatomically optimized and the use of state-of-the-art impression materials. Quite often it’s possible to better secure the denture in combination with implant technology.


Our Oregon Dental team will diagnose and fabricate full and partial dentures for more accurate and affordable service. We like seeing our clients leave the office with a big smile!

Proper denture fit, maintenance and regular dental care will positively impact the lifestyle of everyone who wears dentures.


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